AEZ, the trustworthy and economical brand of our group, appeals to a very wide range of consumer groups and provides economical solutions to customers thanks to its wide variety collections.
The brand mainly focuses on low-segment customers and adopts a price / quantity sales strategy.
AEZ has a strong market presence in Russia and CIS countries and is also gaining market share in the Middle East market.


Como Prima brand, is Akar Group’s top range creation which reflects its long lasting design and approach.

Being an impeccable blend of Italian “gusto” and Turkish artisanship, Como Prima not only brings privilege to the venues it adorns but provides its customers a well-deserved prestige at the utmost level.

Como Prima appeals to the top-segment by means of product quality, price and consumer group.


Our group’s elegant and dynamic brand Berloni has become the primary choice of curtain among mid-segment customers in many countries thanks to its design and quality.

Today, Berloni brand curtains are served to customers in nearly 20 countries thus display Akar Group’s artistic approach.

Berloni is a curtain brand that grants privilege to the venues it’s being displayed and differs from other curtains with its design series.

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